The Hoewa'a family has suffered an terrible loss this past year yet nothing can separate their love for each other.  We were scheduled for a family portrait last year, however, a family member is now home with our Heavenly Father.  A year later, we were able to finally find a sunny day between all the rainy days Maui has been having.  The whole family showed up and we practically had the beach to ourselves and by the end the grandchildren needed to play in the sand and get into the water.  Who can blame them, it’s Maui!  

I found out that their last name - Hoewa’a in Hawaiian means canoe paddler.  The most amazing part of this portrait session was during a photo where everyone was looking up to Heaven, a paddler was gliding across the ocean in that exact moment signifying that their Father they lost last year was right there with them! Through thick and thin you can feel the love and bond between this family and can separate them or their love for one another.  Thank you for choosing Courtney Clark Photography.

Pictures taken at Ulua Beach, Maui